Financial Compliance/Management

Talson provides management and oversight to key aspects of a project’s budget guidelines. Our professionals track and control the budget to mirror the client’s company requirements and standards ensuring that contractual parties are in agreement and fiscally responsible for project scope.

Initial Budget

Talson analyzes the total scope and schedule of a client’s project to aid in developing an initial budget. Talson considers all aspects of the project including design, construction, FF&E, initial operating supplies, major equipment, project management, specialty consultants and studies, security, logistics, tenant related costs, and overall contingency levels.

Budget Control

Talson manages project budgets to ensure accuracy of cost versus expenditures through detailed analysis of forecasting, planning of activities, and actual implementation of goods and services.

Budget Reconciliation

Talson works with the owner or developer to ensure that the project budget is in line with the project costs. Moreover, Talson assists with resolution of identified discrepancies prior to the closeout of a project.