Talson at 20 Years

Talson Solutions celebrates our 20th Anniversary with 20 amazing stories of our accomplishments, challenges we conquered, firm culture and client relationships that fostered our growth to make it all worthwhile.

Join us and enjoy the journey.

Analyze risks.
Personalize solutions.

For 20 years, clients have trusted Talson Solutions with personalized guidance in identifying and mitigating risks while providing needed assurances so that complex projects can achieve successful completion.

Behind every valuable relationship is an impactful story

The Partnership Behind the Project of the Decade

Talson embeds itself in an internal audit team to analyze risks on the $5.2 billion expansion of the Panama Canal, a project of worldwide significance.

A New Department Reaches New Heights

Talson forays into project management services to augment the client team in the construction of the Comcast Technology Center, the tallest building in Philadelphia.

Relationships Run Deep

One relationship leads to another, as Talson provides its consulting services to New York’s Second Ave Subway and East Side Access megaprojects, two of the largest transportation projects in the United States.

Look behind the scenes of our solutions.

Go beneath the surface to unearth the 20 years of personal partnerships that fuel attentive auditing, compassionate compliance consulting, and personalized project management. Discover how a small firm combines its technical mastery with a personal touch to support worldwide clients undertaking critical capital projects from commencement to completion.